Lightspeed Retail

What is the Auto Rewards rule for Lightspeed retail?

The auto rewards rule allows the users to earn points after a transaction automatically

In the Kangaroo business portal, you should enable the auto rewards rule to let your customers benefit from earning points after a successful transaction or purchase.

If this rule is not enabled you will have to click the "rewards" button to allow the client to earn points on every single transaction 

Please follow the below steps :

  1. Go to your business portal.
  2. Go to the "rules" section.
  3. Once there, scroll down the page to the "lightspeed settings" section
  4. Select the checkbox for  " Enable auto-rewards points for Lightspeed"
  5. Click & Select the date for syncing
  6. Click "Save"

    Now that the rule is enabled, your staff will not have to click on "rewards" to give points. The points will be added automatically.