How to create a point multiplier by tag on lightspeed.

Creating a point multiplier is a great way thet boots engagement, turn a slow day into a busy one all while avoiding discount products.

To create a point multiplier with a product tag: 

  • Go to the Lightspeed inventory and make sure all products the business wishes to be applicable for the point multiplier, have the same product tag in the product tag section. 
  • Go to the Kangaroo Business Portal. 
  • Go to the Offer section. 
  • Click on Create An offer. 
  • Click on Point Multiplier. 

  • Fill out the title and multiplication factor.
  • Click on tag in the optional parameters.  
  • Select the product tag that is to be used for the point multiplier and click done.
  • Continue to fill out the form. 
  • Select your audience.
  • Select the start and end date , the location availability, the minimum and maximum purchase.
  • Select the frequency type. 

  • Click on Save. 


Spending Brackets:

  • Follow all of the steps above
  • Add a minimum and maximum purchase value in the appropriate sections
  • Adjust the multiplication factor.
  • Save.
  • Repeat to create as many brackets as you like.