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How to set up a Frequent Buyer Program?

Learn how to set up the business Frequent Buyers Program with ease!

What is a Frequent Buyer's Program?

The Frequent Buyers Program is a feature that Kangaroo developed for Lightspeed Retail for businesses that wanted to continue to use a punch card system to reward customers. In this case, this punch card is digital. A business can have multiple programs for different products. Ex: Buy 12 bags of this specific cat food and the business will  give you the 13th for free.

How to set it up?

The business can set up the frequent buyer program in a few easy steps. 

  • Go to the Kangaroo business portal. 
  • Go to the product section of the Kangaroo business portal. 
  • Click "import products"
  • Go to and click on the "Frequent Buyer Program" button. 
  • Click on "Manage Frequent Buyer Program" at the top right. 
  • Click on "Add Frequent Buyer Program" at the top right. 
  • Enter in a title for the Frequent Buyer Program. (Example buys 10 get the 11th free!) . 
  • Enter in the quantity the business is requiring the customer to purchase in the "Buy" section. 
  • Enter in the quantity that the business is offering for free in the "Free section". 
  • Enter in the reset period (in months) for this Frequent Buy Program in the "Reset Period Section" 
  • Click add products. 
  • Add the products to the business Frequent Buyer Program. 
  • Don't forget to save!


The business Frequent buyer program is now set up and ready to go. 


*Products must be imported first in order to be able to add them to your Frequent Buyer Program.