Offer Settings

What does "coupon must be claimed within X days" mean and how to set it up.

The coupon must be claimed within X days is a feature that the business can set up to limit the time a customer has to use a basic offer

This feature is only available for basic offers.
Here is how the business can set it ups

  • Go to the business portal.
  • Click on the "Offers" section.
  • Click on "Create an offer".
  • Select any type of offer "Basic Offers".
  • Fill out the short form to create the business offer.
  • Select the publish date and expiry date (date the business is creating the offer).
  • Fill the custom field "Coupon must be claimed within". 

    e.i: If the offer is received on a customer's birthday, they have X days to use it from the moment they receive the offer.
  • Click on "Save"