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How to set up a campaign for Tiers Birthday.

The tier birthday filter allows a business to differentiate their tier customers and make them feel special on their Birthday. Engage more with the customers and make sure to keep them loyal to the business.

  • Go to the Kangaroo Business portal and go to the Marketing section.
  • Click on the Create Campaign button.
  • Select if the campaign is to be sent by Email, SMS, or Push. Prioritize email over SMS or SMS over email by the numbers and click the Next button.
  • Choose the campaign to be sent to Target Customers and click on the Next button.
  •  Select the Birthday filter to target the customers of this campaign from the AUTO section of the Filter categories
  • Choose Customers tiers status from the drop-down list.
  • Add an offer or Continue without offers, and select an offer or reward from the list. Click on the Next button.
  • Enter the Subject of the campaign. For an announcement, fill out the email section. If an offer is selected, the email section is imputed with the offer. Click the Next button.
  • Customize the text message and send a text email/text by clicking on the Send Test Email/SMS button. Then click on the Next button.
  • Click Send Now to send the campaign out and it will be running automatically from the backend each day.
  • Once the campaign is sent, a success message will pop up.