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How to send a Marketing Campaign.

Communication is key! Use Kangaroo's marketing engine to send out custom campaigns to the customers.

    • Go to the Kangaroo Business portal and go to the Marketing section.
    • Click on the Create Campaign button.
    • Select if the campaign is to be sent by Email, SMS, or Push. Prioritize email over SMS or SMS over email using the order numbers.
    • Choose if the campaign is to be sent to All Customers or to Target Customers.
    • If Target Customers is selected, select the filter to target the customers of this campaign.
    • Add an offer or Continue without offers. If the first option is selected, choose an offer or reward from the dropdown list. 
    • Enter the Subject of the campaign. For an announcement, fill out the email section. If an offer is selected, the email section is prepopulated with the offer templated. 
    • Customize the text message and send a test email/text by clicking on the Send Test Email/SMS button. 

    • Click Send Now to run the campaign within the hour or schedule this campaign by checking the Schedule campaign date/time and selecting the date and time to send it.

    • Once the campaign is sent, a success message will pop up.