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How to redeem a free item from the frequent buyer program in Lightspeed Retail?

The Frequent Buyer Program is the business digital punch card. The business can have multiple programs running at the same time for different products. It’s a great way to encourage customer on coming back.

Please follow the below steps:

  • Go to the business "Lightspeed Retail" Screen
  • Go to the "Sales" section on the left side of the business screen.
  • Click on the "New Sale" Icon

  • Click on "Search" attach a customer to the sale, and attach the related reward free item in the Frequent buyer program

  • Now Click on "Rewards" and it will open the below page.

  • Go to the "Frequent Buyer Program" section on the page and click the flashed blue button "Redeem"

  • A pop-up message will show on the business screen, click on "Redeem"
  • A pop-up message for successful redeem
  • Now it's applicable on the business Lightspeed Retail screen
  • Proceed normally with the payment flow.