Lightspeed R series

How to integrate the Lightspeed R series account with Kangaroo

Kangaroo offers multiple integrations and Lightspeed retail is one of them. Connect the Lightspeed R series account to the Kangaroo Loyalty Program.

  • Log in to the Kangaroo Business portal.
  • Go to the Settings section.
  • Go to the Apps & Integrations

  • Click on Authorize under the Lightspeed Retail section.
  • Enter the Lightspeed credentials and complete the installation process.
  • Once connected, the lightspeed retail box will be authorized.
  • For multiple branches, click on Connect Branches and link each register to the correct branch.

  • After completing the integration in Kangaroo, go to the Lightspeed retail sales screen.
  • Click Setting on the left side. 
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on Custom Menus.
  • Click the Register: Sales Tab.
  • In the title, you will enter Rewards and under Type use the drop-down menu and select Open Web Page.
  • Select a color and a sort order.
  •  Repeat these steps for the Customer profile button and Apply Promo buttons.
  • Once this step is done for each button click the edit pen button and enter the link in the URL section.
  • Links: 


Customer Profile

Apply promo


  • The Lightspeed Retail Screen should look like this: