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How to Create BOGO and Conditional Offers.

Create bogo and conditional offers with ease!

A conditional offer is a great way to encourage the business customers to buy more of a specific item or spend more while at the store! These are done through promotions such as Buy One Get One Free, or Buy More save more.


How to set up a Conditional Offer

First, press on "Back to Old Portal" go to the Offers section of the Business Portal

Next, follow the following steps:

  • Click on “Create an Offer” - choose Basic Offer
  • Choose a product or a tag. *Above the photo placeholder. If the business does not see the products or tags, go to the Product section of the Kangaroo business portal and click import products from Lightspeed Retail. 
  • Add a photo for this offer.
  • ALL VS Targeted. ALL= all customers new and existing in your Kangaroo database can use this promo when applied on Lightspeed. Targetted = the business MUST send the offer via a marketing campaign in Kangaroo. 
  • Make sure that the box Conditional Offer is checked off.
  • Select the business  Offer Type (Buy One Get One Free, Buy More Save More %, Buy More Save More $)
  • Insert the parameters under the Offer Type (buy 1 get 1, buy 1 get 2, etc...)
  • Select an Offer Frequency (optional)
  • Insert a Title
  • Create an Offer Description (optional. Note: This is where you can add restrictions such as (*Cannot be bundled with items on sale.*)
  • Select the Publication date and Expiry date
  • Click on “Save” at the bottom of the page to finish making the business offer!

If the business attaches a tag to the offer, make sure all the products are tagged correctly in Lightspeed.
Make sure the business selects this checkbox:

BOGO will be available on the lightspeed sales screen under the apply promo button.