How to create a tier program.

Kangaroo gives the ability to create and customize a tier program and even reward these customers differently!

  •  Go to the Kangaroo Business portal and go to the Tiers section.
  • Click on the Manage Tiers button.
  • Type the status title and click on the Add button.
    You can edit or delete a tier name by clicking on the edit or delete button corresponding to that name.
  • Click on Save & Continue to save the changes made and proceed.
  • Edit the tier conditions by specifying the Tiers Criterion. It can be based on amount spent and/or number of points and/or number of visits. Specify the number of points, amount to be spent or number of visits for a customer to achive a specific tier.
  • Click on the Next button to proceed.
  • Define the Tier Rules by selecting if the program is based on a future period spending or previous period spending or manually.
  • Select the Tiers Reset to be based either on Kickoff month or on Customer's registration month.
  • Select the Reset period as well as the Grace period.