Lightspeed Retail

How do I make a customer or an employee point exempt for Lightspeed Retail?

This feature will allow the business to point exempt certain customers types or employees

The customer point exemption allows the business to decide whom they want to exclude from their loyalty program under a certain type such as employee, student, etc...

Here are the following steps:

  1. Log into your Lightspeed Retail Screen
  2. Go to the "Customers" section on the left of your screen
  3. Click on "Customer Tyes"
  4. Click on "New Customer Type" in the top right corner of your screen
  5. Create the customer type and then click on "Save Changes"
  6. Now go to your Kangaroo Business portal
  7. Go to the "Rules" section
  8. Scroll down the page to the "Lightspeed Setting"
  9. Enable  "Do Not Allow" the following customer types to earn points
  10. Click on the plus sign on the right side of your screen and attach the customer type

  11. Click "Continue" and the customer type is attached

Click "Save"

Now take into consideration whenever you are creating a new customer in the lightspeed retail or an existing customer, you need to choose the correct customer type