How to create a free product offer.

This type of offer is used when the business wants to give a free promotional item to customers that spend a specific amount of money. It can be limited to a certain day of the week and even to a certain time of the day.

Here's how the business can set this up:

  • Go to your Business portal.
  • Go to the Offers section.
  • Click on Create an offer.
  • Select  Free Product.

  • Fill out the tile and product description.
  • An image , a link , description , terms and condition can be added in the optional parameters. 

  • Select your audience 
  • Fill out the start date , end date, minimum purchase , maximum purchase .
  • Fill out the real value ( the value of the free product ).
  • Click on the frequency type for the day and times the business wishes to run the free product offer.
  • Click on Save

  • Spending Brackets:
  • Follow all of the steps above
  • Add a minimum and maximum purchase value in the appropriate sections.
  • Adjust the real value.
  • Save.
  • Repeat to create as many brackets as the business likes

N.B: The free product offer will be redeemed and attached automatically to the cart section for all the ecom platforms except for LS ecom. However, we need to add any item to the cart section for LS ecom and then apply the free product to get attached to the cart section.