Tablet Referrals

How to make referrals on the merchant App

Customers can action referrals with these steps!

Now that the business has set up the referral program, customers can quickly and easily make referrals on their Kangaroo terminal in a few seconds!


How customers make referrals:

  • When a customer is at the Kangaroo terminal, they simply tap the "Refer and Earn" button located on the screen.
  • Once the customers have tapped the "Refer and Earn" button, the customers will be prompted to enter their name and phone number associated with their Kangaroo Rewards account.
  • Once logged in, customers will be able to add as many phone numbers and email addresses as they would like.
  • Sign the message and send it off. 

Note: If any of the added phone numbers or email addresses are already part of your loyalty program, the referral will not be sent out.


Link-based referrals:

  • Go to the business portal, and click on a referral.
  • Go to New Referral.
  • Click to "Enable the referral link for this referral program".

Note: The referral link will be made available in the marketing menu. Please refer to the FAQ how to send a referral link.



To keep track of your referral program:

Once the business referral program is set up and customers have started to make referrals, the business can keep track of the referral program!

  • Go to the Business Portal.
  • Click on the "Referral" section.

Here the business will see how many referrals have been made, how many customers met the condition, etc.


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