How to allow customers self-sign up on the Kiosk Tablet on Lightspeed

Customers can now sign up for the business loyalty program by themselves on a tablet at the business store, without any employee's assistance. All what the business needs is to set up the tablet on Kiosk mode!

Setting up a kiosk mode Tablet:

  • Go to Settings in the business portal.
  • Go to Business Profile.
  • Scroll down to Branches and press on the eye button.
  • Scroll down to Employees and press on Add New Employee.
  • Fill in the information required and make sure to check the Kiosk mode user box.
  • Create a username and password in the appropriate boxes.
  • Save.
  • Go to the tablet.
  • Download and open the Kangaroo Merchant app listed under “kangaroo Loyalty Rewards” in the Google Play store and the Apple store
  • Log in using the username and password the employee just created


Don't forget to enable this rule from the rules section of the business portal


Self signup:

  • The customer must enter either a phone number or email address on the tablet

  • Customers  can then fill out their profile information and marketing consent
  • Click on save

    • A success message will appear letting customers know that they can either log in to the account or click on done.


    Note: If the business is integrated with Lightspeed retail, the customer who signed up on the tablet will also have a profile in Lightspeed.