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Shopify - Why are my customers not earning points?

You might've noticed customers not earning points for transactions. What's causing this to happen?

How things are set up, or changes made to set up in Shopify or in the Kangaroo business portal, can often explain why customers aren't earning points.

Below are some of the most common reasons.

  • The business made a category or a product point exempt through the "A La Carte" section in the Kangaroo business portal, 

  • The business adjusted the rule "customers can refund within x days" in the Kangaroo business portal. If the value isn't zero (0), the customers will have to wait until the mentioned days have passed so the points are rewarded.
    For example, if it was 5 days the customers should wait five days to earn the points
  • The transaction Status is Shopify must be "paid" so the customer earns points 
  • The customer might be using another identifier (email/phone number)

If none of the reasons mentioned above are applicable, please reach out to a support agent with the Sale ID so they can look into it.