Offer Settings

How to set up the publish date in the offer.

Creating offers is a great way to reach out to the business customers and get them interested in what the business has. That's why the publishing date is very important

  • Go to the business portal.
  • Click on the "Offers" section.
  • Click on "Create an offer".
  • Select any type of offer "Basic Offers".
  • Fill out the short form to create the business offer.
  • Select the publish date (date the business is creating the offer).

Note that the publish date cannot be modified once the offer is live. If you are looking to change the publish date you will need to remove this offer and create a new one with the modified publish date.

  • Select the expiry date ( End period of the offer)
  • Or the business can enable the checkbox "Never Expires"

  • Click on "Save"

The business offer will only appear to customers from the moment it becomes published, not before