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How to reconnect the tablet to the computer

Follow the below steps to reconnect the tablet to your computer if disconnected:
  • On the desktop, open the file explorer. 
  • Select local disk C. 
  • Select Kangaroo folder. 
  • Select sysfiles folder. 
  • There should be 4 files total in this folder (2 titled txt at the end and 2 titled exe at the end), delete the 2 TXT files. 
  • Log out of the tablet, log back in with credentials on Kangaroo (to log out of the tablet, tap the bottom middle screen of the tablet 6 times. 
  • Go back into file explorer (from step 1), local disk C, Kangaroopos, and run client folder first then Kangaroopos (files ending in exe). 
  • Log in with credentials and please note that they must match the same login as the tablet.   
  • Once the login is done, it'll ask you for the device serial number, which can be found at the bottom of the screen on the tablet on the merchant login page. 
  • Kangaroo icon should now appear on your PC, once it does, then log into the tablet.