Import Transactions

How to import different transaction types with points and amounts.

Importing transaction types is done by the business whenever they would like to enter transaction types that were made at their store but not through Kangaroo Rewards. The main purpose of that feature is to enter many transactions at the same time.

  • Every time a customer comes to the store and makes a transaction, the clerk/employee has to enter that transaction type on a spreadsheet (to keep track of all transactions).
    Transactions types:
    -Adjust Increase Points
    -Adjust Decrease Points
    -Refund Points
  • On that spreadsheet, list any information relevant to the customer (customer's first and last name - in separate columns, email address, phone number, date of birth, day of purchase, the amount spent, amount of points earned, Transaction Type, etc.)

    To Upload:
  • Go to the Kangaroo Business portal.
  • Go to the Import Transactions section.
  • Click on the Select CSV File button.
  • Click the Next button and don't change anything in the custom fields (Fields Delimiter and Text Delimiter).
  • Once the spreadsheet is imported, map the information from the spreadsheet.
  • Once validated, proceed with the import by clicking on the Import button.