Lightspeed Ecom

How To Connect Lightspeed Ecom To Kangaroo

Kangaroo Rewards is integrated with multiple platforms and Lightspeed Ecom is one of them.

To connect the Lightspeed Ecom website to Kangaroo, follow the below step

    • Go to the Kangaroo Business Portal. 
    • Go to Settings. 
    • Go to the Apps & Integrations. 
  • Go to LightSpeed Ecom.
  • Enter the Shop ID

    The Shop ID is found below
  • Make sure to choose the correct configuration
  • Click on Save
  • Lightspeed Ecom Credentials should be inserted to complete the installment
  • Click on Grant access
  • Once the settings are updated, widget can be published on the website from the integration section of the business portal

If Lightspeed Ecom is not enabled in the Integration section of the business portal, please reach out to Kangaroo Support.