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How to adjust manually the FBP?

The Frequent Buyer Program is the business digital punch card. It can be adjusted from the business portal and assigned manually.

  • After the business  Frequent buyer program is set up and running in the back end, the business can add an initial balance or adjust the quantities manually for the business customers

    Please follow the below steps: 
  • Go to your Kangaroo business portal. 
  • Go to and click on the "Frequent Buyer Program" button. 
  • Click on" Details"

  • Click on the blue button
" Add initial balance"

  • Fill the below customs fields  and enable the small circle on the right side of the screen
The business need to choose the customer, the product and the quantity

  • Fill the "Purchase date" & Click on "Save" 

  • Click on"Purchases"

  • Click on" Adjust Status"

  • Select a "status" or a "product" from the drop-down list 

  • Click "Save" and the status is changed for this client purchase