How can I give my customers a point update?

Remind your customers of their point balance so they engage more with your loyalty program.

You can send a reminder to your customers about their point balance through Kangaroo's marketing engine 


  1. Go to the Marketing section of your business portal
  2. Start a new campaign
  3. In the first step, choose "announcement"
  4. In the second step, choose whom you want to send the points update to. Choose from a variety of filter 
  5. In the third step, you need to select "email only". The point balance variable works with email only 
  6. In the "write the message section", you can free write the content. You need to add the variable "Customer balance" to your email, so it generates the point balance of your customers 
    To add the variable, you need to copy and paste it 
  7. In the last step, you can choose to schedule the campaign or make it recurring on a weekly or monthly basis 

Here is an example of a point update email that you can create